Roza water users:

USBR issued a full water supply forecast for the proratable irrigation districts this morning. Snowpack is 93% to 114% of average, depending on which methodology is used.

Generally speaking, the higher elevation snowpack is in very good shape, and the lower elevation snowpack was significantly reduced by rain a couple of week ago. Snowpack may still build through April, but some long range forecasts are anticipating warmer than average weather which could increase early season water demand and cause the reservoirs to be drawn upon earlier in the season than normal.  The most recent long-range weather forecasts for the next three months remain mixed, which is common.

Reservoir storage status on March 5                               Capacity (Ac. Ft)

Keechelus           73%                                                                        157,800

Kachess               57%                                                                        239,000

Cle Elum              49%                                                                        436,900

Rimrock               75%                                                                        198,000

Bumping              72%                                                                          33,960

Storage in the system is at 107% of average. Precipitation
for the water year is 115% of average.

The next water supply forecast from USBR will occur on April 6th.

Diversions will likely begin within a day of March 16, with deliveries beginning later that week. Please check back for updates.