End of the 2020 irrigation season

  • We will begin to stop diversions on Monday October 19th. The process of draining out the canals takes about four and half days. Users in the upper end will start going off on the 19th while users at the bottom of the system will have a couple of days with water.
  • The next Board of Directors meeting will be on October 13th at 9 am by phone. The public is welcome to call in and listen. Additional details are on the Roza website.
  • You will see a canal liner installed in a portion of the Main Canal in Terrace Heights this winter by a contractor.
  • The Pump 9A lateral canal will be piped this winter. Over 8 miles of pipe has been delivered and is ready to be installed over the next 4 months.
  • A long term series of improvements at several pumps stations will begin to replace fuses, motor protect relays, electrical cabinets, motor controllers and emergency floats for the 1940s era pumping plants. This work will take several years to fully implement.
  • Initial long range weather forecasts show a La Nina pattern forming which is very good for snow accumulation and precipitation. Stay tuned!

The Roza main office remains closed due to corona virus, although appointments can be made to meet with staff. Thank you for your patience this water season, it’s been a year unlike anything I’ve seen and our staff has done a superb job of adapting to keep the water flowing to our customers.